This Will Most Likely Happen...


  • You will not be told how much money to bring to closing until the day of your closing and many times only hours or minutes before the closing
  • The dates on your contract will change, perhaps multiple times
  • You will become anxious or nervous
  • You will become irritated or annoyed about frequent and last-minute paperwork requests with seemingly impossible deadlines
  • You will negotiate 2-5 times on this transaction, including the purchase price, the inspection, potentially the appraisal, and the final walk-thru
  • You will want to tell your friends and family about your experience on social media sites - Don't!
  • The mortgage company will pull another credit report on you days before—or even the day of—your closing


  • The date on the contract will change; it is a guesstimate and subject to many variables (i.e., the attorney's timetable)
  • The property will not appraise at the original price on the contract
  • Agents will miss showing appointments without calling
  • Appointments will be made and cancelled at the last minute
  • The agent on the sign will be in witness protection and not return any phone calls
  • Some showings will last about five minutes and some showings will last 3 hours
  • Agents will knock on your door or even drive by, see you in the yard, and ask if they can see your house (if this happens, call your own agent)

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